On the field: In the fifth inning, Orioles rookie Curtis Goodwin broke for second and White Sox lefty Jim Abbott threw to first, an apparent pickoff. But Goodwin beat Frank Thomas' ensuing throw to second, Goodwin's 13th steal of the year.

In the dugout: Orioles manager Phil Regan went with a predominantly right-handed hitting lineup against the left-hander Jim Abbott. Kevin Bass was the designated hitter and batted fifth, Jeffrey Hammonds batted sixth and Chris Hoiles batted seventh.

In the clubhouse: Orioles general manager Roland Hemond woke up Scott Klingenbeck at 10 a.m. yesterday with the news he was being traded to the Minnesota Twins. Klingenbeck went shopping, then stopped by the visitors' clubhouse at Comiskey Park to pick up some things before leaving for Minnesota. "It's a good opportunity for me," said Klingenbeck, who agreed that he probably wouldn't have much chance to start for the Orioles. "I know some pitchers down there in the [Orioles' minor-league system] that are ready. Sooner or later, [the Orioles] might figure it out -- you have to let your great players come up through the system."

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