GREG ZAUNCareer recordStarted his career at Single-A...



Career record

Started his career at Single-A Wausau in 1990, and has moved up a level through the Orioles organization each year. Hit his first major league home run on July 2, in Toronto. Served as the National League bullpen catcher at the 1993 All- Star game at Camden Yards.

Personal record

Turned 24 on April 14. Born and resides in Glendale, Calif. Wears the uniform number 24, which was worn by his uncle, former Orioles catcher Rick Dempsey.

Favorite food

/# Fettuccine alfredo with chicken

Favorite television show


Favorite music performers/groups

( Morrissey and The Smiths

Favorite movie

* "The Shawshank Redemption"

Biggest superstition

A horseshoe that is nailed onto the right side of his locker. "I got it in Rochester this year. So whenever I'm home, I always touch it and rub my bats on it before every game."

Toughest aspect about catching

"Getting in synche with your pitchers. We are all pretty much creatures of habit. The game is changing all the time. So it's tough for two people to keep in synche."

Biggest adjustment from the minors to the major league

"The biggest adjustment is getting over that feeling of awe. You're playing with guys you've watched on television for so long. It's hard not to get caught up in it. There's Jose Canseco, there's Mike Greenwell or there's Joe Carter in the batter's box and I'm trying to get him out. Where as before, I was just a fan and I was just watching them, saying, 'These guys are awesome.' "

The coaches that have helped him the most

Elrod Hendricks and Lee May. "I've known Elrod for so long. He gives me pointers here and there, and he helps me learn the hitters in the league. And Lee May has made some really good

adjustments to my swing this year."

How he passes time on road

7+ Listens to music and watches television

Toughest pitcher he has faced

Randy St. Claire, who pitched for the Montreal Expos, and faced Zaun last year at Triple-A. "I think I went 0-for-14 against him last year. He pretty much owned me."

His first job

7+ Working for his father at a glass shop.

If he wasn't playing baseball, he'd be ...

A secret operative with the CIA.


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