Dear Mr. Baseball:What is the address for...


Dear Mr. Baseball:

What is the address for the Brady Anderson Fan Club?

Melissa Coughlin


Dear Melissa Coughlin:

Mr. Baseball is sorry to say this: The Orioles report that there is no Brady Anderson Fan Club.

Yes, this seems unfair. After all, the Orioles outfielder was nominated for a Nobel prize three years ago for his pioneering work in sideburn research. (Sad to say, the award went to a scientist from Lichtenstein who had managed to clone Rollie Fingers' mustache.)

However, let's keep this in perspective. Many deserving people don't have fan clubs. Mr. Baseball, for instance.

Dear Mr. Baseball:

Are there any books that I can buy that give detailed descriptions on how to keep score? Also, is it possible for me to buy a copy of the rule book for major-league baseball?

Regina E. Priet


Dear Regina E. Priet:

Mr. Baseball wishes to answer the second question first. He hopes this isn't confusing.

The "Official Baseball Rules" should be available at any well-stocked bookstore. The 1995 edition is a lovely shade of green with one of those trick photos on the cover: It shows a Met apparently ready to catch the ball. The book is pocket-sized and 104 pages. It retails for a reasonable $4.95. It would be a fine addition to anyone's coffee table.

It's published by The Sporting News. Mr. Baseball's affection for this book is not influenced, of course, by the fact that Times Mirror Co. owns both The Sporting News and The Sun.

As for keeping score, Mr. Baseball checked with Bill Stetka, Orioles assistant director of public relations and formerly an official scorer. Stetka said that there are many ways to keep score and that the Orioles game program shows one way to do it and let me just take a look here and . . . whoa!

OK, he didn't actually say, "whoa!" In fact, he may not even have used an exclamation mark. However, Stetka did discover that the keeping score section wasn't in the game program, as it had been in years past. He was going to see to it that scoring information returned to the program.

All because of you, Regina E. Priet.

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