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Takeo Fukuda, 90, a conservative former prime...


Takeo Fukuda, 90, a conservative former prime minister of Japan who oversaw the turbulent opening of Tokyo's Narita airport in 1978, died yesterday of emphysema in Tokyo. During his administration, Japan concluded a peace treaty with China, formally ending their World War II hostilities, six years after the two nations normalized relations.

Helen J. Boiardi, 90, who with her husband, Hector, gave the name Chef Boy-ar-dee to spaghetti sauce, died Monday in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The couple opened a restaurant in the early 1920s. Because so many customers asked for takeout orders, they went into the packaged food business. The company, a pioneer in convenience food preparation, was sold to American Home Products of New York in 1946.

Eduardo Masferre, 86, known for his photographs of northern Philippine mountain tribesmen, died June 24, it has been reported in Manila. He took most of his photographs from 1934 to 1956. They were exhibited in the Philippines and abroad, and published in numerous books. A collection of pictures considered his best, compiled in a book in 1988, immortalized the way of life of tribesmen that has disappeared in recent years.

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