Stand by your stand and let us know what makes it special


Just one more turn . . . it's right there, on the corner. . . . You can already smell the basil and taste that sweet corn. . . . There's the stand. Quick, pull over, hop out, grab some corn, a head of lettuce, the strawberries look good -- hmm, maybe some bananas for breakfast? Are these tomatoes vine-ripened? Have you got any Romas?

Where else could you be but the local roadside produce emporium, the place to stop on a busy day to grab some fresh veggies for dinner. No carts to maneuver, no checkout lines, just a quick --, then back to the car and you're on your way.

Have you got a favorite stand where you often grab a few items for the family dinner table? We're not talking about the larger farmers' markets or the more formal, year-round shops, but the little guys, the ones that are open only when the freshest fruits and vegetables are available. If you do, give Sundial a call at (410) 783-1800 and enter code 6135. Leave the stand's name, if you know it, the exact location, your phone number and a few words about what makes this stand so special. We'll check out some of the favorites and offer a wrap-up of what's available.

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