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First Tuesdays in Fells Point is a walking tour of art galleries and local businesses that have art shows, all opening on the first Tuesday of the month. Also participating are businesses that support the Art Resource Center of Fells Point, which sponsors the event from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. All places are marked with a pink balloon. A street sheet is available to guide visitors to exhibits, which remain up for about a month.

Adrian's Book Store, 714 S. Broadway. (410) 732-1048. Oils by Mary Lynn Perney.

Birds of a Feather, 1712 Aliceanna St. (410) 675-8466. Hand-tinted photographs by Annette Sueve and marquetry by David Goldman.

Fells Point Futon, 736 S. Bond St. (410) 563-8866. Laser prints by Luana Kaufmann.

Mike's, 710 S. Broadway. (410) 342-6589. Cermaics by Mara Majorowicz.

Vagabond Theatre, 806 S. Broadway. (410) 563-9135. Photographs by Tom Jardine, sculpture by Gloria Larravide.

Whistling Oyster, 807 S. Broadway. (410) 342-7282. Old and new prints and watercolors by Charlie Newton.

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