P. C. Dypsky, 84, joins Democrats in mayor's race CAMPAIGN 1995


An older man with a familiar political name is among the candidates for mayor of Baltimore -- but it's not former Gov. William Donald Schaefer.

Philip Charles Dypsky Sr., 84, a one-time bar owner who is part of the East Baltimore family that includes a current and former member of the state legislature, joins the mayor, the City Council president and a water-taxi driver in seeking the city's highest office.

In all, 84 Democrats and 14 Republicans had filed late yesterday for three citywide offices and six councilmanic districts in September's primary elections.

The Republicans had been hopeful of persuading Mr. Schaefer, Baltimore's mayor from 1971 through 1986, to switch parties and run in the November general election. That likely would have set up a race against one of the two top Democratic contenders, Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke and City Council President Mary Pat Clarke.

But Mr. Schaefer did not meet last month's deadline for switching parties, and the Republicans are left with five political novices in the race for mayor: Olubode Olarewaju Abisola, an East Eager Street resident; Victor Clark Jr. a West Lafayette Avenue resident; Arthur W. Cuffie Jr., a Bolton Hill resident and retired federal government employee; Naholia M. Eggleston, a Rosemont resident; and Stephen Scott McCown, a former city police detective involved in a controversial 1980 shooting of an unarmed 17-year-old.

Candidates for council president and comptroller and the 18 council seats contained a host of familiar names: current officeholders looking to move up, former ones looking to regain their political foothold and young hopefuls looking to carry on their families' political tradition.

Mr. Schmoke and Mrs. Clarke -- who announced their intention to run nearly two years ago -- made their candidacies official last month.

Besides Mr. Dypsky, they were joined by Kelley Brohawn, a 37-year-old who drives a water taxi.

Mr. Dypsky -- who has one brother, Cornell Dypski, in the House of Delegates, and another Ray, a former delegate -- was not on the voter rolls as recently as two weeks ago, election officials said.

He showed up at the Board of Elections yesterday afternoon in a straw hat and yellow jacket to correct a mistake in the address he gave when he filed Friday.

"I don't think I'm going to win, 'cause I don't have that kind of money," said Mr. Dypsky, whose last race was an unsuccessful bid for a City Council seat in 1979. "I just want the opportunity of establishing a platform that I would pass if I won."

Asked what that platform would include, Mr. Dypsky, a one-time Boy Scout troop leader, said: "The Scouting movement."

Mrs. Clarke and her political strategists accused the Schmoke campaign of encouraging Mr. Dypsky's candidacy because of its potential to take away votes from her in white ethnic enclaves in East Baltimore. "It looks like a Schmokean gun to me," Mrs. Clarke said.

The Kurt Schmoke Committee was quick to dismiss the allegation. "We're not putting anybody up to run for mayor. We're running straight ahead," said campaign spokesman Craig Kirby.

Mr. Brohawn, the water taxi driver, was said to be behind the wheel last night and unavailable for immediate comment.

In what is becoming a hotly contested Democratic primary race to succeed Mrs. Clarke as council president, there was a new entry in the expected field of candidates -- Shelton Stewart, former city sheriff. Mr. Stewart was ousted in 1988 after he was convicted of trying to stop an investigation into fund raising for his 1986 sheriff's campaign.

Just before the 9 p.m. deadline, Councilman Lawrence A. Bell III, who represents West Baltimore's 4th District, showed up to file for the council presidency, ending speculation about whether he would carry through with his announced plans.

Also vying for the seat are Vera P. Hall, the council vice president who represents Northwestern Baltimore; Carl Stokes, a councilman from the east side; and Joseph J. DiBlasi, a South Baltimore councilman.

The comptroller's race is a match between Democrats Julian L. Lapides, who represented Baltimore in the General Assembly for nearly a third of a century; Joan M. Pratt, a political novice and certified public accountant; and Brian L. Carter, who filed at the last minute.

No Republicans are running for council president or comptroller in the heavily Democratic city where victory in the Democratic primary has been tantamount to election.

Paula Johnson Branch, a councilwoman who represents East Baltimore's 2nd District, also waited until minutes before the deadline to file for another term. She and Councilman Anthony J. Ambridge are vying for the district's three seats in a crowded field of many newcomers.

In Northwestern Baltimore's 5th District, only one incumbent is left with Mrs. Hall running for council president and Iris G. Reeves retiring after 12 years on the council.

Among the younger generation of political hopefuls is Stephanie C. Rawlings, daughter of House Appropriations Committee Chairman Howard "Pete" Rawlings, who is running in the 5th District. Rochelle "Rikki" Spector is the lone incumbent running. In the 4th District, Keiffer Mitchell Jr., a member of the influential civil rights family and the nephew of former General Assembly members Michael B. Mitchell and Clarence Mitchell III, is seeking a seat. Two incumbents, Sheila Dixon and Agnes Welch, also are running.

In Northeastern Baltimore's 3rd District, Robert W. Curran is seeking to carry on the family name with the retirement of his brother, Martin E. "Mike" Curran, who was known as "the dean" of the council.

Former officeholders seeking to claim one of the 18 council seats include Joseph R. Ratajczak, a former Democratic State Central Committee member, in the 1st District.


The following candidates have filed for Baltimore's primary election.


(D) Kelley Culver Brohawn

914 Evesham Ave.

(D) Mary Pat Clarke

3911 Cloverhill Road

(D) Philip C. Dypsky Sr.

714 S. Clinton St.

(D) Kurt L. Schmoke

3320 Sequoia Ave.

(R) Arthur W. Cuffie Jr.

306 W. Lafayette Ave.

(R) Naholia M. Eggleston

1021 N. Rosedale St.

(R) S. Scott McCown

3109 N. Charles St.



(D) Joseph J. DiBlasi

3800 MacTavish Ave.

(D) Vera P. Hall

2819 Hillsdale Road

(D) Shelton Stewart

3701 Bartwood Road

(D) Carl Stokes

2411 Guilford Ave.



(D) Julian L. Lapides

1528 Bolton St.

(D) Joan M. Pratt

112 E. Northern Parkway




(D) Mark S. Burke

3513 Rosekemp Ave.

(D) John L. Cain

941 S. Bouldin St.

(D) Nicholas C. D'Adamo Jr.

5719 Benton Heights Ave.

(D) Anthony Florence

400 S. Eaton St.

(D) David Franklin

606 N. East Ave.

(D) Lois Garey

6512 Rosemont Ave.

(D) Charles Krysiak

434 Cornwall St.

(D) Charles J. Morgan Jr.

917 S. Charles St.

(D) Charles A. Neustadt

127 W. Lee St.

(D) Dennis M. O'Hara

529 S. Curley St.

(D) Joseph R. Ratajczak

734 S. Decker Ave.

(D) Kelley Ray

3740 Ravenwood Ave.

(D) Gary L. Thomas

1605 S. Charles St.

(R) Donald Carver

7 S. Ann St.

(R) Tisha Dadd-Bulna

1909 Eastern Ave.


(D) Anthony J. Ambridge

527 W. 40th St.

(D) Anthony Armstrong

1018 N. Luzerne Ave.

(D) Matthew C. Boulay

3032 Abell Ave.

(D) Louis Harris

1628 E. Lanvale St.

(D) Lloyd Douglass Jones

2138 E. Oliver St.

(D) Harry N. Karas

1832 E. Fayette St.

(D) Sarah Louise Matthews

1606 Bolton St.

(D) Bernard C. Young

1506 E. Madison St.

(R) Charlie Baskerville Jr.

800 N. Luzerne Ave.


(D) Lloyd R. Barnes III

1513 Pentridge Road

(D) Phillip A. Brown Jr.

5406 Bowleys Lane

(D) Joan Carter Conway

1616 Shadyside Road

(D) Wilbur E. (Bill) Cunningham

1106 E. 36th St.

(D) Robert W. Curran

4222 Kelway Road

(D) Michael Vernon Dobson

1510 Sheffield Road

(D) Nina Harper

3133 Cliftmont Ave.

(D) Dan L. Hiegel

4805 Crowson Ave.

(D) Andre Holden

5553 Midwood Ave.

(D) Martin O'Malley

2914 E. Coldspring Lane

(D) Donald Washington

1530 Burnwood Road

(R) C. C. Moss

1212 Walker Ave.

(L) Lorenzo Gaztanaga

4410 1-B Bowleys Lane


(D) Charles D. Bagley Jr.

811 Brooks Lane

(D) Ronald Nathaniel Bailey

1132 Myrtle Ave.

(D) Sheila Dixon

603 Winans Way

(D) Darius George Hall

1002 N. Mount St.

(D) Tyrone Johnson

808 Whitelock St.

(D) A. Robert Kaufman

2001 N. Hilton St.

(D) Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr.

1230 Druid Hill Ave.

(D) Medgar L. Reid

2660 Presbury St.

(D) Julian J. Thomas Jr.

957 Ellicott Driveway

(D) Agnes Welch

2925 Mosher St.


(D) Marlon Bell

3918 Ridgewood Ave.

(D) Robert John Berghel Jr.

112 Bellemore Road

(D) Isaiah C. Fletcher Sr.

4136 Woodhaven Ave.

(D) Charles W. Griffin

4314 Elderon Ave.

(D) Roland H. Holmes

3300 Dorithan Road

(D) E. Gail Anderson Honess

3315 Dorchester Road

(D) Helen L. Holton

830 N. Chapelgate Lane

(D) Ralph W. Jaffe

7301 Park Heights Ave.

(D) Michael Eugene Johnson

2907 Fallstaff Road

(D) William L. Kelly Jr.

3505 Edgewood Road

(D) Stephanie C. Rawlings

3502 Sequoia Ave.

(D) Michele Rosenberg

5007 W. Forest Park Ave.

(D) Harry E. Smith

3602 Sequoia Ave.

(D) Rochelle (Rikki) Spector

7404 Park Heights Ave.


(D) Lillian J. Carter

420 Poplar Grove St.

(D) Paul Cumberland

1137 Cleveland St.

(D) Norman A. Handy Sr.

1433 Edmondson Ave.

(D) Michael L. Keeney

2805 Carroll St.

(D) Otis E. Lee

16 N. Mount Olivet Lane

Edward L. Reisinger

1621 S. Ellamont St.

(D) Melvin L. Stukes

709 Deaconhill Court

(R) Joseph Brown Jr.

209 Roundhouse Court

(R) Anthony F. Forlenza

3547 Wilkens Ave.

(R) Wayne Lewis Sherman

1702 Harman Ave.

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