How the Orioles scored seven runs in the ninth inning to defeat the Blue Jays yesterday:

Manny Alexander homered to left. Rafael Palmeiro singled to right. Cal Ripken singled to right, Palmeiro to third. Ricardo Jordan relieved Danny Cox. Jeffrey Hammonds hit sacrifice fly to left, Palmeiro scored. Kevin Bass struck out.

Tim Crabtree relieved Jordan. Bret Barberie singled to center, Ripken to second. Chris Hoiles safe at second on RF Shawn Green's fielding error, Ripken and Barberie scored. Curtis Goodwin safe on SS Tomas Perez's throwing error, Hoiles to third.

Brady Anderson walked, Goodwin to second. Alexander singled to center, Hoiles and Goodwin scored, Anderson to third. On Crabtree's wild pitch, Anderson scored, Alexander to second. Palmeiro flied out to CF Joe Carter.

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