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Vaudeville act to open concert season


The Severna Park Bums will open the summer season of Concerts in the Park at 6 p.m. Sunday at Linthicum Park on Benton Avenue.

The vaudeville group's performance will include jokes, routines, polkas, folk music, bluegrass and music popular in the '20s, '30s and '40s.

The troupe, formed by Eddie Parlett in 1969, relies on a piano, banjo, accordion, wash tub and other instruments to get toes tapping and hands clapping.

The concert series is sponsored by the Woman's Club of Linthicum Heights, with support from the Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association, Linthicum Lions Club, Crestwood Improvement Association, Performing Arts Association of Linthicum and the Anne Arundel Cultural Foundation.

The public can bring suppers and blankets or chairs for seating. The concert will be canceled in the event of rain.

For information call 859-3308 or 789-7546.


Congratulations to the students at St. Philip Neri School who made the final honor roll of the year.

Based on a point system, students made either the principal's list, honor roll or Outstanding Achievement.

* Grade 4, John Dolch's class. Principal's list: Paul Ambrozewicz, Jennifer Bone, Robert Chapleski, Christopher Konopik, Dena Lombardi, Catherine Maher, D'Lina Santa and Narbeh Yousefian. Honor roll: Danielle Ditzel, Allen Gunther, Nicholas Rhinehardt, James Rupert, Erik Stefankiewicz, Julia Torres, Rachel Wall and Maryann Walston.

* Grade 4, Leslie Pinkosz's class. Principal's list: Ashley Canterna, Natalie Clevinger, Scott Martin, Michael Nicoli, Sarah Pacheco, Jacqueline Ridge, Jason Royer, Theresa Schultz, Michael Spliedt and Jessica Taylor. Honor roll: Shanna Balsoma, Jessica Blottenberger, Allison Fador and Jennifer Moresberger.

* Grade 5, Amy Riggin's class. Principal's list: Melissa Gunther, Amy Haycock, Matthew Menefee, Hilary Sterrett, Stephen Swidowich and Kelly Tiesi. Honor roll: Bryan Bruce, Drew Pevo, Andrew Sander, Joshua Showalter, Kathleen Smith and Matthew Zaruba.

* Grade 5, Fran Meeks's class. Principal's list: Brandon Bohonek, Stephanie Bryl, William Butler, Christine Klemkowski, Christine Kruegar, Mary Cate Mote and Jessica Saunders. Honor roll: Jennifer Cuffley, Douglas Fetterhoff, Holly Gross, Stephanie Manning, Jason Strecker and Jennifer Trice. Outstanding Achievement: Heather Atkinson.

* Grade 6, Mildred Yates's class. Principal's list: Mark Crispino, Lisa Dodd, Jessica Fonte, Lauren Kline, Richard Krueger, David Leung, Mary Lewis and Brooke Sterrett. Honor roll: Jessica Carper, Sandy Dixon, Nicole King, Jeffrey Lowry and Jason Pacheco.

* Grade 6, Kay Short's class. Principal's list: Jack Holthaus, Michael Marafioti, Steven Mitchell, Joan Pelzer and Mary Scott. Honor roll: Thomas Alt, Jennifer Anselmi, Jill Emerson, Lisa Konyar, Kristen Smith and Jason Szech. Outstanding Achievement: Philip Peterson.

* Grade 7, Sherrie Walker's class. Principal's List: Amy Ambrozewiz, Angela Bryl, Jamie Clingan, Jessica James, Amanda Kidd, Judy Leung, David Maher, Cynthia Nicoli, Matthew Stoffel and Christopher Whittman. Honor roll: Daniel Bowen.

* Grade 7, Audrey Punte's class. Principal's list: Jason Chappie, Jessica Fisher, Holly McIntyre, Christopher Mote, Jennifer Robertson and Amanda Stevens. Honor roll: Shannon Ruberry and Matthew Sturgill.

* Grade 8, Anne Nelson's class. Principal's list: Jason Cuffley, Thomas Haslup, Katherine Pacheco and Susan Watson. Honor roll: Daniel O'Toole and Melissa Miller.

* Grade 8, Sue Koenig's class. Principal's list: Kateryna Choma, Rebecca Martin, Edward Schultheis and Seth Whetzel. Honor Roll, Gregory Svarckopf.

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