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No ex-O's for AngelosIn his column of...


No ex-O's for Angelos

In his column of June 21, Ken Rosenthal wrote: "It's no secret that Peter Angelos loves to reacquire former Orioles."

In truth, during Angelos' time of ownership, not one ex-Oriole has made an appearance in an Orioles game. Angelos has even been taken to task by some for not picking a former Oriole like Davey Johnson or Rick Dempsey to manage the club.

Don Brizendine


Orioles need leadership

I think Phil Regan is the worst manager ever to wear a Baltimore Orioles uniform. He fails to give encouragement to his pitchers, showing only impatience with their woes.

He fails to communicate with his players. No one knows what is to be expected of them, or what their role is to be on the team, other than Cal Ripken.

The players are grumbling. Where is Regan? He should be holding closed-door meetings before and after games, and woe to any player who complains. But, no, he lets them talk and complain, and when he lets them go, has to listen to them complain to the press.

Matt Nokes was a joke, and never should have been signed, but Greg Zaun is no more ready for the "show" than I am -- and I'm 59 years old. He will be an asset in a few years, but this experience could ruin him.

And poor Arthur Rhodes. Called back after 2-1 in Rochester, allowed to walk the bases loaded again before being yanked, with no one visiting him on the mound other than Chris Hoiles. Where is Mike Flanagan? Muted by Regan?

I am getting more and more disgusted. Roland Hemond should go first, then Regan. We need leadership on this club, not lip service.

Richard Ross


It starts at the top

It is not easy to watch the Orioles these days. The errors in the front office are more painful to watch than the ones on the field.

I spent my childhood in love with the Orioles. They were the class of baseball. But now what are they doing? If decisions were guns, the Orioles' management would shoot their feet off. Consider:

* The Glenn Davis trade. Ouch. Whenever I see what Steve Finley, Curt Schilling and Pete Harnisch are doing, I shudder.

* The GM factor: They let go of John Hart, who has built a powerhouse in Cleveland, and Doug Melvin, who already has started one in Texas. With former Orioles throughout.

* They dump Mark McLemore, a versatile switch hitter with speed now tearing it up in Texas, pick up Bret Barberie, whom they're trying to unload so they can sign Bill Ripken, whom they unloaded in the first place.

* They shop around for an outfielder, finally sign Andy Van Slyke, then trade him.

* They sign Matt Nokes, a left-handed, power-hitting catcher who hardly gets a chance, finally release him, and continue to play Chris Hoiles, the Larry Sheets of catching, who is batting in the .170s and couldn't throw out a runner if it were Boog Powell in snowshoes.

* Too cheap to sign Lee Smith, the all-time saves leader, they LTC pick up Doug Jones. Does this make sense?

It resembles the Fred Lynn/Lee Lacy/Don Aase era: A bunch of parts that don't fit together into much of an engine. And missing a spark plug.

I've heard about the team's lack of chemistry and leadership, but all starts at the top.

Bill Glaeser


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