Regatta aids research in leukemia


The wind for last weekend's third annual Leukemia Cup Regatta last weekend didn't cooperate much with the on-water activities.

But shoreside the sailors and their friends, colleagues and families cooperated to a commendable level in the regatta's primary aspect: raising money to help support the Leukemia Society of America's ongoing battle against leukemia.

And although plenty of trophies were handed out for racing on the water at the awards party at Eastport Yacht Club, the most important awards went to those who raised the most money, with the Leukemia Cup itself for the top fund-raising boat going to Jeff Harris's Crazy Ivan team for raising $1,310.

Harris, who lives in Edgewater and regularly competes in PHRF C, also was the top individual fund-raiser with that amount, earning a week's bareboat charter in the British Virgin Islands.

In all, 45 crews among the approximately 175 boats registered to sail also went for the fund-raising option, a figure that was up a bit from last year's, and brought in $33,500 for the Leukemia Society, another increase over last year.

Taking second in the Leukemia Cup fund-raising competition was J/30 sailor Joe Ruzzi of EYC, who with his crew on Mondial raised $1,214.

Fellow J/30 skipper Bonnie Schloss' Speculator team out of Severn River Yacht Club took third with $1,125 raised.

Schloss' team's efforts were spearheaded by Sandra Gallagher, who served as the boat's fund-raiser and whose efforts as an individual in raising the boat's contributions won her a vacation in San Diego.

PHRF Nonspinnaker competitor William Bizjak, skipper of Free Spirit, was third in the individual competition with $850 to win a holiday in Newport, R.I.

Light and wildly shifting air stalled last Saturday's Fleet 1, north of the mouth of the Severn, for three hours after the appointed start time as breeze ranging from one to four knots swung through virtually every point of the compass.

At last a relatively steady northerly of five to six knots came in and the fleet was able to complete a 4.22-mile windward-leeward contest too short to count for High Point, but still a fair and fairly satisfying contest.

Meanwhile, south of the Tolley Point, Fleet 2 struggled through a 6.08-mile windward-leeward while the breeze died and then reversed direction, so that the required time limit of three hours could not be met by any class, forcing official abandonment of the race.

At the same time, near Whitehall Bay, One-Design Fleets 4 and 5 also struggled with shifty and unreliable breezes, allowing for only a single contest in the planned multi-race format.

Last Sunday was a little better, but still difficult in light and shifty breeze.

Fleet 4 continued to battle the wind gods near Whitehall, and completed a race that day, bringing the series total to only two, and Fleet 3 took on a government-mark course that had to be shortened to 9.3 miles.

Several racers retired when the breeze fell off, but others stuck it out and completed their competition before the 4:30 p.m. deadline.

Saturday, June 24

Fleet 1 (Eastport YC, 4.22 NM)

PHRF A-0 (3 starters): 1. Ramrod, Bert Jabin, 0:54:37 c.t.; 2. Hawkeye, Ens. Ruben Ramos, 1:04:03 c.t.

PHRF A-1 (10 starters): 1. Infringer, Stoer/Zinn, 0:59:32 c.t.; 2. Sounion, Charles Sullivan, 1:01:30 c.t.; 3. Moving Violation, Samuel Owings, 1:01:55 c.t.

PHRF A-2 (13 starters): 1. Contraire, Steve Schaub, 0:57:45 c.t.; 2. Bird of Prey, Neil Murphy, 0:58:15 c.t.; 3. True Luff, Ken Diggs, 0:58:34 c.t.; 4. Trippwire, Groobey/Hronek, 0:59:07 c.t.

J/35 (7 starters): 1. Jake, Sandy Morse; 2. Wild Thang, Chambers/Berge; 3. J-Bird, Yeigh/Powers.

MORC (8 starters): 1. Tops Optional, Steve Olinger, 0:55:28 c.t.; 2. The Fish, Lipshinn Syndicate, 0:57:59 c.t.; 3. Cut and Paste, John White, 0:58:54 c.t.

Fleet 5 (Severn SA)

J/22 (11 starters, protest pending): 1. Pure Guava, Hayes/Olds; 2. Rug Burn, Kevin Elion; 3. That's Nice, Kathleen Weaver; 4. 22 Much, Ken Rose.

Sunday, June 25

Fleet 3 (Rhode River BC, 9.3 NM)

Cal 25 (5 starters): 1. Blades, Dave Wooldridge; 2. Quintet, Mike Miller; 3. Chicken Little, Charlie Husar.

Alberg 30 (3 starters/0 finishers).

Triton (5 starters): 1. Sea Deuce, Eleanor Holmes; 2. Sandpiper, Chris Gordon.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (5 starters, protests pending): 1. Bluejay, John Coyle, 4:25:56 c.t.; 2. Albar II, Allen Keiser, 4:28:23 c.t.; 3. Class, Bob & Patti Polk, 4:29:01 c.t.

Saturday-Sunday, June 24-25

Fleet 4 (Severn SA)

Star (10 starters): 1. Elliott Oldak, 1.5 (1-1); 2. John Vanderhoff, 5 (2-3); 3. Rob Emmet, 7 (3-4).

Tempest (4 starters): 1. Ray O'Hara; 2. Brigid O'Hara; 3. Edgar Hoyt.

Rainbow (5 starters): 1. Glass Harp, Bob Mewhinney; 2. Jack Tar, Leigh Doptis; 3. Dragonfly, William Sloan.

Soling (6 starters): 1. Michael Butz, 2.75 (1-2); 2. Peter Gleitz, 3.75 (3-1); 3. Tom Davies, 7 (2-5).

J/24 (17 starters): 1. Show Dog, Capuco/Rich, 1.5 (1-1); 2. Dream Girl, Russ Potee, 9 (6-3); 3. (tie) Whistling Rufus, Bob Cofod, 20 (2-DNF); and Bangor Packet, Tony Parker, 20 (DNF-2); 5. Dr. Feelgood, Mark Hillman, 21 (3-DNF).

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