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County schools will get new phone exchanges


All Carroll County schools and school offices are getting new phone numbers in an effort to trim phone bills, add more lines to the schools and provide more flexibility for transferring callers between schools and the central office, officials said.

Many schools and offices already have switched over to their new numbers with a 751 prefix. The central office will make the change sometime next week, said Carey Gaddis, public information officer.

The new board headquarters' number will be 751-3000. The telephone line for deaf callers with display devices is 751-3034. Until the changeover, callers may reach the central office by calling 876-2208 or 848-8280.

Those who call the old numbers will get a recording that will tell them the new phone number of the school or office.

"Last year, we started the process of negotiating with Bell Atlantic for Centrex service, which uses their computer to route calls," said Vernon Smith, director of school support services. "Our goal was to reduce our overall telephone costs," which amount to about $200,000 a year, he said. The change is expected to reduce school phone bills by about $36,000 a year.

Each time the central office called a school, the phone company charged a 10-cent fee. That fee will be eliminated with the change to Centrex service, Mr. Smith said, and additional savings are expected withthe change from unit billing to the measured service, he said.

The schools will spend an additional $9,660 a year to add 35 more lines to some schools.

"We were responding to a series of complaints from constituents, parents and school administrators that there aren't enough telephone lines in our schools," Mr. Smith said. "It will eat into our savings, but we felt it was a better service to the community."

Parents complained about getting too many busy signals when they tried to call the schools, and teachers and other staffers complained that every time they tried to make a call, they had to wait until a line was free.

The change will allow all schools and offices to connect with each other by dialing the last four digits of a seven-digit number, and add the ability to transfer callers to the phone system. Although central office staff members could do that within their building, they could not transfer callers to a school and the

schools could not transfer callers to the central office.

Callers eventually will be able to dial directly to any office within the central administration. Under the old phone system, all calls went through a central switchboard, which closed at 4 p.m. in the summer and 4:30 p.m. during the school year, so administrators could not be reached after the switchboard closed even though they still were in their offices.

Schools in South Carroll will have 751 exchange lines and also will have lines on other exchanges so no parents or students have to dial long distance to reach the schools.

All the South Carroll schools will have a 795 exchange phone line.

Mount Airy Elementary and Mount Airy Middle School each will also have an 829 exchange line to accommodate callers from Frederick County telephone exchanges.


Board of Education

Central Office -- 751-3000

TTY Line -- 751-3034

Fax -- 751-3003

Alternative Programs -- 751-3680

Alternative Programs Annex, Uniontown -- 751-3332.

Data Processing -- 751-3252

Drug-Free Schools Coordinator -- 751-3331

Hands-On Elementary Science -- 751-3406

Head Start -- 751-3232

Plant Maintenance -- 751-3199

Plant Operations -- 751-3470

Pupil Transportation -- 751-3229

Resource Center -- 751-3490

Elementary Schools

Carrolltowne Elementary -- 751-3530, 795-5673

Charles Carroll Elementary -- 751-3211

Eldersburg Elementary -- 751-3520, 795-1702

Elmer A. Wolfe Elementary Annex -- 751-3307

Freedom District Elementary -- 751-3525, 795-4767

Friendship Valley Elementary -- 751-3650

Hampstead Elementary -- 751-3420

Manchester Elementary -- 751-3410

Mechanicsville Elementary -- 751-3510, 795-0720

Mount Airy Elementary -- 751-3540, (301) 829-1515, (301) 829-9331, (410) 795-6974

Piney Ridge Elementary -- 751-3535, 795-9022

Robert Moton Elementary -- 751-3610

Runnymede Elementary -- 751-3203

Sandymount Elementary -- 751-3215

Spring Garden Elementary -- 751-3433

Taneytown Elementary -- 751-3260

Westminster Elementary -- 751-3222

William Winchester Elementary

-- 751-3230

Winfield Elementary -- 751-3242, 795-6701

Middle Schools

Mount Airy Middle -- 751-3554, (301) 829-1314, 795-1756

New Windsor Middle -- 751-3355

North Carroll Middle -- 751-3440

Northwest Middle -- 751-3270

Sykesville Middle -- 751-3545, 795-9081

Westminster East Middle -- 751-3656

Westminster West Middle -- 751-3661

High Schools

Francis Scott Key High -- 751-3320

Liberty High -- 751-3560, 795-8102, 795-8103

North Carroll High -- 751-3450

South Carroll High -- 751-3575, 795-8858, 795-9196

Westminster High -- 751-3630

Other Schools

Carroll Springs School -- 751-3620

Carroll County Outdoor School -- 857-7935, 857-7932

Carroll County Career and Technology Center, Westminster -- 751-3669

Carroll County Career and Technology Center, South Carroll High -- 751-3575, 795-8858

The Gateway Program -- 751-3691

Transportation Department -- 751-3490

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