A Bigoted CartoonEvery journalist knows that bigoted...


A Bigoted Cartoon

Every journalist knows that bigoted opinions may be protected by the First Amendment. However, readers should expect a newspaper with the stature of The Sun to refrain from publishing political cartoons which reveal such biases.

I am speaking of a Sun political cartoon June 4 depicting the Carroll County commissioners as three groping, stumbling, presumably inept, blind men incapable of "long range vision."

Pity the modern-day cartoonist, hampered by all that political correctness. Gone those glory days when racial, ethnic, gender and religious slurs were fair game. No one left to mock, you say? How about the "blind, deaf and dumb"? And don't forget the "lame."

And so, the wheel is reinvented, stereotypes are reinforced, prejudices invigorated -- when the press capitulates to the simplistic, the unimaginative, the trite, the cliched.

Marilynn J. Phillips


The writer is a retired associate professor of English and language arts, Morgan State University, and a researcher in disability studies.

Little Newspaper That Wouldn't

Your editorial of June 9, "The Little Train that Couldn't," was pure baloney. You liberal journalists just don't get it. The reason EnterTRAINment has stopped paying Maryland Midland in recent weeks was because of the court decision forcing it to pay unjust taxes of $300,000.

That court ruling has probably forced the company into bankruptcy, which we'll be reading about soon. . . .

Your newspaper refuses to see the real cause and effect of this tragedy, which is being played out in many small businesses throughout our land. So should you print my letter, please use the heading, "The Little Newspaper That Wouldn't."

Timothy R. Ferguson


The writer is a state senator representing Carroll and Frederick counties.

Carroll Life

In response to the editorial, "Carroll Life's Fight to the Death."

You stated that "Carroll Life" has a small following. Wrong. I personally obtained about 100 signatures protesting the bypass, and I'm only one person who went out. If the people who are in charge of things -- the county government, State Highway Adminstration -- would take a stroll through the shopping center parking lots and talk to the ordinary person, they would be shocked . . .

Don't just count the signatures. Many more are on Carroll Life's side and will cooperate to keep their homes and their way of life.

Kathleen Glass


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