How shirts influence sheets


This isn't the first time Ralph Lauren has designed a home furnishings collection that matches his ready-to-wear collection.

"There has definitely been a cross-fertilization," says Kathryn Richer, spokeswoman for the Ralph Lauren Home Collection.

"On a day-to-day-basis, we may use the same flannel on upholstery that we used in men's wear, or a sheet pattern may be taken from women's wear. But there also are elements that go both ways; sometimes furniture also influences fashion."

Here are some examples:

Last fall, his "Cottages and Castles" home collection and his clothing collection evoked the same mood of velvets, plaids and mohairs. He even used the medieval silver leather that looked like chain mail.

In 1991, the crossover theme was "Tartans."

And in 1990, both the home and the ready-to-wear followed the "Safari" theme.

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