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Arts center is seeking musicians for concerts


Montpelier Cultural Arts Center holds free classical concerts every spring. The official name of the music series is the MCAC Spring Recital Competition. Right now the center is seeking musicians for next spring's concert series.

Classical musicians who would like to audition should send a 10-minute cassette of the player's best music. It should contain passages that best highlight the artist's strengths. Musicians also must complete an application form, but not send resumes or other curriculum vitae.

Although the musicians must be college age or older, they can come from anywhere. That means that if your wife's cousin's daughter is studing piano in Topeka, she is eligible to compete. Winners of the competition get an opportunity to play at the center and receive a $400 honorarium.

Audition tapes become the property of the cultural arts center. The center may use the tape in its Musician's Registry. The Musician's Registry is a list of musicians that the center draws on for its many programs. It's also available to the public. As usual, for more information about this competition, or for an application form, call the center at (301) 953-1993.


News from the literate world -- what's going on in the Savage Library.

The summer reading game for children and young adults has really taken off. More than 700 bookworms have signed up for Tots Take Out and Good Book Cafe. There's still more than two months to go, so the librarians expect many will complete the game.

There are new collages in the showcase at the Savage Library. Jesse Wieman contributed a green mask. Jessica Bejm exhibited a red mask with a heart-shaped eye patch.

Deidra O'Brien and Erin Wilhelm made a collage of triangles that combined to make an Egyptian fantasy of pyramids at an oasis. JTC Michael Do used triangles to create a fighter plane.

Other artists used triangles to make more abstract stabiles. Check out the different interpretations of artists Marc Peters and Brian Barresi, Jonathan Green, Stacey Wiesner and Shelley Holtmann, Jessica Gregson and Emily Dwyer, Ryan Southard and Casey Gallas, Vanessa Panas and Bradley Jackson.

Others were more inspired by the circle. Christina Clark's exhibits are large circles studded with smaller ones. Lauren Eytchison also found circles intriguing, as did Daniel Jun and Dean Park.

All of the artists are students at Forest Ridge Elementary School. They and their families generously share their talents to enliven the earth tones of the library's interiors.

The American Girls book series is very popular with the elementary and middle school set. The series features six books about five different girls, including a Williamsburg merchant's daughter in the 1760s, a city girl in the 1940s and an African-American girl in the 1860s. The stories are delightful and historically accurate.

July 12, the Savage Library presents An American Girls' Summer Social, a 45-minute sampler of historical tales and pleasures for children 7 and older. The program begins at 2 p.m. Registration for the program begins at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Call the library at 880-5978 for details, registration and directions.

Next Thursday, the Savage Library holds its monthly drop-in Bedtime Storytimes for preschoolers. There's no registration required for the program.

The preschoolers -- but not their parents -- are welcome to come in their pajamas. The half-hour Storytime begins promptly at 7 p.m., giving parents a blissful half-hour in which to browse the collection, uninterrupted by young voices.

It's a good time to cruise the Internet free -- courtesy of the library -- check out the news magazines or select a video from the library's extensive holdings.

The Savage library is located at the intersection of Gorman Road and Knightsbridge Road, just north of the old racetrack. For more details and directions call the library at 880-5978.


County employees enjoy the Fourth of July as much as the rest of us. Naturally, county services and offices are closed that day (except for emergency services). That means that for us in Savage, the regular Tuesday trash pickup will be just delayed one day, to Wednesday.

Put your trash out on Tuesday night for Wednesday pickup instead of on Monday night. If Tuesday is your recycling day, you'll have to store your cans and papers until July 11.

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