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Jesse Orosco, Orioles relieverThe five toughest hitters:1....


Jesse Orosco, Orioles reliever

The five toughest hitters:

1. Chili Davis. "He's just absolutely destroyed me. Doubles, singles, homers, whatever it takes."

2. Danny Tartabull. "He's hit me very hard. He's the only guy I've allowed three homers to in my career."

3. Harold Reynolds. "He's got like eight or nine hits against me in 10 at-bats. He wouldn't try to drive the ball off me. He'd hit it wherever the pitch would be."

4. Andre Dawson. "He's always been so aggressive. You can throw him a good pitch, down and in, and he's such a good hitter where he's still going to be able to drive the pitch somewhere."

5. Ty Cobb. "God, I had trouble with him."

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