Police give warning on illegal contractors


Maryland State Police are warning Carroll residents about a group of unlicensed home improvement contractors who often promise to do a "real good job" that is "very low in cost."

Police said the groups of fake contractors often target the elderly and residents of rural areas.

The groups often go door to door trying to convince homeowners that they need new driveways, repaired roofs, or a paint job on the house. They also peddle lightning rods, tools and travel trailers, police said.

Often, the groups promise to do the work soon and take a victim's money, then either perform shoddy work or flee, police said.

All contractors who perform work for homeowners are required to be licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and must show their license numbers upon request.

State police are asking anyone who thinks he or she has been a victim of a home improvement scam to call them at (410) 848-3111.

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