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Bandits to use raccoon for logo


If you've seen the movie "Pocahontas," then you got a sneak peek at the newest sports mascot in town.

The uniforms of the Baltimore Bandits of the American Hockey League will feature a raccoon-like character with skates and a hockey stick who is based loosely on Meeko, a character in the movie.

"He's a tough, hockey-playing cartoon critter character," said Bob Teck, the New Jersey businessman who owns the team with partner Alan Gertner. "The Bandits' logo has nothing to do with any negative portrayal of the city of Baltimore or anything else like that."

The colors and design of the Bandits' uniform will feature a portrait of the character, Teck said. However, the jerseys are not complete, so the mascot will not be unveiled until next month, he said.

The character was created by Disney Sports Enterprises, the designers of Wild Wing, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim mascot. The Bandits are Anaheim's minor-league affiliate.

Teck said the critter does not yet have a name, and team ownership is considering conducting a contest to let fans name him.

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