Naval Academy gives faculty awardsThe Naval Academy...


Naval Academy gives faculty awards

The Naval Academy has presented its annual faculty awards.

Chemistry Professor Boyd A. Waite has received the ninth annual Class of 1951 Teaching Excellence Award; Professor Roger H. Compton of the naval architecture, ocean and marine engineering department, the ninth annual Naval Academy Alumni Association Research Excellence Award; history Professor Philip W. Warken, the first Naval Academy Alumni Service Excellence Award; Marine Maj. David C. Fuquea of the history department, the Naval Academy Class of 1951 Military Faculty Teaching Excellence Award and the William P. Clements Award for Excellence in Education; Marine Maj. Douglas A. Gethers, 22nd Company officer, the Capt. Frank M. Adams Junior Officer Leadership Award; and Navy Lt. Christopher P. Thomas of the seamanship and navigation department, the fourth annual Colleen S. Smiley-Owendoff Teaching Excellence Award.

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