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Last week's question:Do any teams in the...


Last week's question:

Do any teams in the AL East have a legitimate chance to catch the Boston Red Sox?

YES -- 44% ... NO -- 56%

"At this point, Boston is the only team in the East with a decent record. But remember we are talking about the Choke Sox here."

Joseph Vavra

"I was born and raised in Boston and was a die-hard Red Sox fan since I was a little boy and until I moved to Baltimore in '81. They'll fade as they always have. It's a tradition in Boston."

Jay DeMarco

"The Tigers are coming on strong and you can't ever count out Toronto, and while the Yankees are flopping around like a fish out of water, they're still dangerous."

Donna Disney

"They are the Boston Red Sox, and you should never underestimate their power to choke down the stretch."

Jerry Bosse

"The Red Sox are a team that has Tim Wakefield, the minor leagues' losingest pitcher last year, as one of its best pitchers. I think any team has a chance to catch them."

Mike Blake

"The Red Sox are known to get cold after the All-Star break. I have family in Maine and I hate to say this, but every team in the East is still in the race. Yes, even the Orioles."

Ron Kropkowski

This week's question:

Should Darryl Strawberry have been given the chance to return to baseball in light of his legal problems?

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