Nothing new with hockeySeveral American Hockey League...


Nothing new with hockey

Several American Hockey League teams have attempted to make financial sense of minor-league hockey in Baltimore, only to have their dreams dashed.

What has changed in Baltimore since the Skipjacks left for Portland, Maine? Essentially nothing. The new team will play in the antiquated, untenable Baltimore Arena, and there will be a hard core of 3,000 fans regularly attending games.

Perhaps a better marriage for Baltimore may have been the International Hockey League. Cities represented in that league include Chicago, Indianapolis and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Let's face it, how passionate can most Baltimoreans get about a game against Fredericton, Moncton or Prince Edward's Island?

As for Baltimore's impending association with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and the Disney mystique, not everything Disney touches turns to gold, lest we forget EuroDisney.

Lou Fritz


A vote for CFL

I am a woman who likes football, but I'd pretty much stopped watching it the past few years because of the "killer" attitude so prominently displayed by the NFL. It is no longer a game of skill. It is a couple of hours of who can maim whom to get the other guy out of the game so that one team can get the advantage.

Last year I decided to watch the new Baltimore CFL team play. Well, I never missed a game on TV and intend to do the same this year. This is football the way it should be played -- with skill, tactical brillance and determination to win without viciousness.


Glen Burnie


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