Of Love and Other Demons," by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the book I'm most looking forward to reading this summer. I'm lately so steeped in the stuff of nonfiction that Marquez's brand of magical realism would be just what the doctor ordered. Then, "Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism," by John Shelby Spong. My current night-time habit, and oddly engrossing. I sometimes describe myself as a biblical Ressentialist. "The Information," by Martin Amis. I recently bought this one with the intent of using it as the first read in a monthly book club I'd like to start. I felt rather disengaged by the first few pages - I'm viciously impatient with weak openers - but it's getting such hot talk in literary circles that I'm feeling pressured to try it again. Also, "Garden Planning," by RD Home Handbooks, edited by John Brookes. This is my self-improvement book-du-jour. I'm hoping to create a backyard escape. And then "Ladder of Years," by Anne Tyler. I'm ashamed at having never read her before, and would like to see if I fit in the club of Tyler fans.

-- Ramsey Flynn, editor of Baltimore magazine

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