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100 Years Ago* A party of visiting...


100 Years Ago

* A party of visiting fishermen at Annapolis caught four barrels of rockfish in the Severn River using a deep-water net. -- The Sun, Aug. 7, 1895.

* The Annapolis water company has issued a circular requesting customers to practice water economy of hydrant water due to the exceedingly dry weather. -- The Sun, Aug. 15, 1895.

* John Shepherd, of Bristol, appeared before the Board of County Commissioners today with a signed petition of the taxpayers of the eighth district, asking for the repair of the county wharf at Bristol. -- The Sun, Aug. 28, 1895.

* James P. Bannon was authorized by the Board of County Commissioners to purchase a road machine, cost not to exceed $175, to be used on the sandy roads in the fourth district. -- The Sun, Aug. 28, 1895.

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