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Next design trend is coming up rosesIf...


Next design trend is coming up roses

If you're getting tired of sunflowers, the floral motif we've been seeing on everything from pottery to T-shirts in the past couple of years, hang on just a little longer. Michelle Lamb, trend analyst and chairman of Marketing Directions Inc., predicts a rose revival.

Roses make sense, she says, because they fit in with the trend to more formal or at least more elegant design; they are often rendered in pink, a hot color right now; and they "are among the most easily understood flowers."

In July's House Beautiful you'll see a whole range of rose-printed fabrics available on the market -- some classic, some mixed with stripes and other patterns, all looking very new.

Flower arrangements

Eleanor Oster no longer has her own shop, but the former co-owner of Whitin and Oster in Wyndhurst Station is still very much in business. Her signature dried floral arrangements will be on sale in two new locations by the beginning of July: Morgan Millard Restaurant and Gallery in Roland Park and Gaines McHale Antiques downtown. Ms. Oster also consults on special-occasion flower arrangements, landscaping and container gardening. Call her at (410) 337-9671.

Ecological velvet

When you think ecologically correct fabrics, you probably think all-natural cotton and linen -- not velvet. But nothing could be more e.c. than Malden Mill's EcoSpun. Recycled plastic soda bottles are sorted, cleaned and chopped into fine flakes. The flakes are liquefied and dripped through spinnerets, creating fibers that are spun into yarn. The EcoSpun fibers are then woven on looms to produce surprisingly luxurious velvets.

The traditional look

Look for easy directions on how to make decorative frames and bandboxes with embossed, paintable wall coverings in the summer issue of Victorian Homes & Gardens magazine. In "Good as Gold," Barbara Sela tells how to use wall coverings like Anaglypta, which is white in its original form and must be painted, to create beautiful vintage-looking accessories. Cover in whitewash finish brushed with gold paint and add braid and tassels -- presto! Instant heirlooms.

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