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Get the scoop on Betty Boop


Q: I have been collecting Betty Boop items for several years and have formed quite a collection. Is there a Betty Boop fan or collectors club I can join, or how can I find out more about such memorabilia? Or can you put me in touch with others who (like me) adore Betty?

A: For the scoop on Boop, write the Official Betty Boop Fan Club c/o its president Bobbie West, 6025 Fullerton Ave., Apt. 2, Buena Park, Calif. 90621-2345; enclose $10 for an annual membership, which includes a quarterly club newsletter, a personalized membership certificate, a wallet-size card picture of Betty and a Betty Boop white lacy garter decorated with a red heart. Should you wish such a package sent as a gift, a gift card will be included upon request.

To buy or sell any Betty Boop items, or to find out what such "boopabelia" is worth, write the club c/o Bobbie West (who buys, sells and offers free appraisals for such items, and free newsletter advertisements for any shops that deal in Betty Boop merchandise). When writing, please enclose a full description or photo of the item you have, and a self-addressed stamped enve

lope for a reply or free appraisal, or phone Ms. West at (714) 994-1948 for additional information, club details or a list of reasonably priced back issues of the newsletter.

Betty Boop collectibles are hot. For instance, the recently marketed Betty Boop trading cards put out by Krome were completely sold out two months ago, according to Ms. West, who also told me that any Betty Boop color comic strips, which ran in Sunday papers in 1934 and 1935, are worth $50 to $100 depending on condition. Betty Boop cels (from the 112 animated Boop cartoon films made between 1930 and 1939) are of particular interest to Ms. West, who desperately wants to hear from Candace Bergen or any cast or crew members or producers of the "Murphy Brown" television show, regarding a Betty Boop cel that hangs in Murphy Brown's office on the set. Ms. West wants a photo of the office showing the cel and Murphy, along with permission to reproduce it in a future Boop newsletter.

Q: Do used compact discs have any value, and if so, how can I find out what they're worth?

A: More than 15,000 compact discs can be found listed and described along with their current values in the first edition of the "Official Price Guide to Compact Discs -- The Professional's Reference for Collectible and Used CDs" by Jerry Osborne and Paul Bergquist; it is available for $17 postpaid from Ace Enterprises, P.O. Box 59354, Chicago, Ill. 60659. The book also pictures various CD covers in color, and contains a 16-page "Directory of Buyers and Sellers" for CDs and old records.

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