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When young travelers must fly solo


Kids everywhere are on the go this summer. For many young travelers, that may mean flying alone. If you're like many parents, you'll find sending a preteen or teen on a solo journey isn't so easy the first time.

Here are some basic tips to help ensure a safe and enjoyable flight:

* Request a guide brochure for unaccompanied children and teens from your airline, which outlines rules and helpful safety tips.

* Flight attendant Julia Applegate of Northwest Airlines reminds parents to be attentive to every detail of their child's itinerary, including making sure the child gets on the correct plane.

* Remind your child that it is OK to ask a flight attendant to review the personal safety demonstration for them. Your child may also request to be moved if seated beside someone he/she is not comfortable with.

* Pack an activity bag full of diversions.

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