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FOUND in the mail recently, a little...


FOUND in the mail recently, a little bit of Maryland history, a bit of trivia and more than a bit of self-promotion:

"It's interesting that Maryland has more than 40 parks and recreation areas. That here is found skiing and surfing. Home to the Preakness, the second jewel in the Triple Crown. Areas to camp in a tent abound and the finest restaurants in the world, all found in the seventh smallest state in the Union.

"Most assuredly, as we offer Deep Creek Lake and Ocean City, Broadway shows and Blue Grass Festivals, one extraordinary little tool is manufactured right here in the heart of Maryland. This tool is used around the world in five-star restaurants conscientious enough to use tablecloths. This tool is the renowned table crumber.

"Invented in 1946 by Mr. Henry Miller, the table crumber serves to keep a busy restaurant tablecloth crumb-free between courses and dinners. Our table crumbers can be found from London to Queensland. Waiters use these in Brennan's of New Orleans and, of course, Haussner's of Baltimore.

"In a small eastern suburban community of Baltimore County called Middle River is situated the manufacturer of the world-renowned table crumber. With great pride, providing roughly 60 jobs, Ray Machine Inc. keeps the five-star restaurants and all tablecloths in-between crumb free. The next time you enjoy fine dining, especially in the wonderful restaurants of Maryland and your waiter utilizes a table crumber, think of a small business in a small community doing a great big job."

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