NLRB chairman Gould pitches in for ally Angelos

Who do the owners despise more than Peter Angelos?

The man who threw out the first ball before last night's game against the Boston Red Sox, Bill Gould.


He's William B. Gould IV, the chairman of the National Labor Relations Board. The man responsible for ending the baseball strike.

After throwing out the first ball, Gould met Angelos last night in the owner's box. They're somewhat kindred spirits -- both have taken stands against replacement workers.


"We both support the collective bargaining process," said Gould, who is opposed to the use of permanent replacement workers.

In 1992, before his nomination as NLRB chairman, Gould decided arbitration cases involving Andy Benes, Jerry Browne, Dale Sveum and Luis Polonia. Only Benes won.

But in March, the owners lost with Gould big time. He cast the deciding vote on March 26 to ask a federal judge for an injunction against the owners, convincing both sides to end the eighth-month strike.

"I have no way of knowing what [the owners] think of me," said Gould, a Stanford University law professor and avid Red Sox fan.