Julian Blaustein, 82, a movie producer whose...


Julian Blaustein, 82, a movie producer whose pictures included "Khartoum" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still," died of cancer Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Arnold I. Dumey, 88, an expert cryptanalyst who deciphered codes for the government during World War II and the Cold War, died Sunday in Princeton, N.J.

Laurence McKinley Gould, 98, a geologist who traveled with Richard Byrd to Antarctica in 1928-1930, died Wednesday in Tucson, Ariz. He was second-in-command to Byrd on the first American expedition to Antarctica. The map of Antarctica carries the names of Mount Gould, Gould Bay, Gould Nunatak, Gould Glacier and Gould Coast. He wrote "Cold, The Record of an Antarctica Sledge Journey," about the expedition and his 1,500-mile journey by dog sled from Little America into the Queen Maud Mountains.

Nello Pace, 78, who pioneered the study of the physiological effects of weightlessness, died of cancer Saturday in Berkeley, Calif. He served as a consultant to NASA in the 1960s and conducted some of the first studies of weightlessness on monkeys in orbit.

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