Sex offender charged with molesting woman


A 59-year-old Taneytown man serving a three-year sentence for sexually assaulting his wife was accused of molesting a woman at his work-release job last week, Westminster police reported.

The man was charged Sunday with sexually assaulting a female co-worker, police said. Among the charges were second- and third-degree sexual offenses, battery, false imprisonment and assault.

According to District Court charging documents, the man is accused of grabbing and fondling a dishwasher the morning of June 14 in the basement of a local restaurant. The woman had befriended the man.

Charging documents said the man immediately was fired by the restaurant manager. After he was fired, the man told the woman, "You don't have to call the cops," the documents said.

In February, Carroll Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. had sentenced the man to 10 years in prison for the sexual assault on his wife. But the judge suspended all but three years, and allowed him to remain at the Carroll County Detention Center and leave his cell daily on work-release.

The man's wife, daughter and minister had asked the judge for leniency at the sentencing hearing, saying the defendant had reformed and that he had been going to counseling with his wife. The judge was told that the man had learned how to stop a lifetime pattern of leering at women, using profanity and assuming that he could do whatever he wanted to with his wife.

"I think his attitude has changed, I think his thoughts have changed," the wife told Judge Burns. "He has shown remorse to me."

The man, whose name is being withheld by The Sun to shield his wife's identity, had pleaded guilty in December 1994 to sexually assaulting his wife and videotaping the attack when she passed out after he got her drunk.

The charges stemmed from the wife's discovery of the videotapes. The offense occurred four years ago, according to court records.

Because of the new charges, Judge Burns could decide to impose the remainder 10-year sentence. If he is convicted of the new charges, he could receive an additional 20 years in prison.

Jail officials said the man's work-release privileges were suspended when he was charged with the new offenses. A county grand jury indicted the man in June 1994 on second-degree rape and second-degree sexual offense.

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