Am I old enough yet?


It all began in elementary school

in ribboned braids lovingly fixed

A birth certificate in my tiny hand

proving I was truly 6

At 12 I gladly paid full fare

at the movies every time

Once I noticed behind me

there were older boys in line

No children here, these worldly men

of 13, 15 or so

Certainly I was old enough

to be walked home from the show

At 16 I had to prove my age

to be licensed to drive a car

Couldn't they just look and see

I was nearly grown, by far?

At 19, presenting that certificate again

for permission to be a bride

The county clerk nodded -- the pastor smiled

Time was on my side

At 21 to be served a drink

with foam or fruit or fluff

I proudly pulled my I.D. out

showing I was old enough

Then for what seemed an eternity

no one mentioned it again

Until last week -- a simple thing

luncheon with a friend

"Your senior discount," whispered the waiter

Now this could start a trend

I slowly handed him that card

proving I was old enough -- again.

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