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WAS that a family of mallards that...


WAS that a family of mallards that stopped traffic in Brooklandville on a recent rainy Sunday?

Our spy was too far back to get clear markings, but not so far as to miss a heartwarming spectacle -- especially for any young-at-heart fan of that 53-year-old children's classic, "Make Way for Ducklings."

In Robert McCloskey's tale, Mrs. Mallard receives timely help from Policeman Michael on a busy Boston street as she leads eight ducklings to a rendezvous with Mr. Mallard in the Public Garden.

Baltimore drivers may have their faults. But, this time at least, they didn't even need Policeman Michael to persuade them to make way for ducklings.

* * *

HERE'S a commentary of interest, courtesy of the editorial page of the Cumberland Times-News. This editorial ran June 3:

"Despite 11 years of emphasis by Maryland officials about the importance of buckling up children in safety seats, many drivers are not complying.

"In just one hour at a recent checkpoint at Oakland in Garrett County, four tickets and 10 warnings were issued by State Police. Another checkpoint at Accident resulted in five tickets and six warnings.

"Since 1984, Maryland law has required a child safety seat for children under age 4 or weighing less than 40 pounds. Children under age 10 who weigh more than 40 pounds must be buckled in a child safety seat or a safety belt.

"The checkpoint was held to once again drive home the point that buckling up saves lives and drivers have a responsibility for the safety of their passengers.

"Safety devices should be used no matter how short the trip. Statistics show that three out of four motor vehicle accidents occur within 25 miles of home.

"Some motorists who are stopped tell police their children do not like to be strapped in. But that excuse won't fly. Noncompliance results in the parent receiving a ticket. If a child is found without a safety seat, the driver receives a $40 fine."

* * *

TIRED of voicing the same old epithets? Looking for a new way to denounce those elite, left-leaning, government-loving commie-symps so infatuated with the environment that they want to denude the Earth of all forms of potentially detrimental human enterprise to keep Mother Nature pristine?

Here's a good line for outraged macho folks to use on those hyper-environment lovers, as quoted by writer Mark W. Powell in an opinion article that ran recently in the Wall Street Journal:

"Condo-dwelling granola eaters who've never had rain in their lunch buckets."

Take that!

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