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McCabe becomes member of task force on sentencing


Republican state Sen. Christopher J. McCabe was named last week to a gubernatorial task force on criminal sentencing, an issue he has worked on in the legislature.

The Sentencing and Intermediate Sanctions Task Force will study topics such as prison space for violent offenders and the enforcement of probation and parole.

Truth in sentencing and restitution for victims also will be on the agenda, said Mr. McCabe, who represents Glenelg, Glenwood and other areas west of Columbia.

"I want to work to change the sentencing process in Maryland so that we levy stronger penalties on repeat offenders to make sure they serve their full sentences," Mr. McCabe said.

"Being on the task force is a positive step to changing that part of the process."

Mr. McCabe introduced a bill in the session this year that would have required a complete review of the Maryland criminal justice system. The bill passed the Senate in a 45-1 vote, but failed in the House Judiciary Committee, 11-10.

Mr. McCabe said that being a member of the sentencing task force will allow him to work with others who have the same interests to improve the state's sentencing process.

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