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Teachers heading for hills, beach, summer school


What do teachers do in the summer?

Some children believe that the teachers climb into the classroom closet and wait for September to roll around, when they step back out, ready to teach again.

But Elkridge Elementary staff members are turning to other pursuits this summer.

Traveling is on the agenda of Sharon Rollier, who is venturing with her husband to Southeast Asia; Amy Colman, who is visiting family members in Nashville, Tenn.; Steffi Zarikow and Freya Hill, who will travel to the Northwest together; and John Vanoosten, who will go to Chicago and Wisconsin, and then to Germany and France for nearly a month.

Mary Shiflet will spend R & R time in West Virginia, and Suki Hendrixson will spend all of next month and part of August in Maine.

Many teachers are grateful to have time with their own children. Jody Nation will be hanging out with her two young sons and also baby-sitting her niece.

Mel McNamara, Christine Hipp, Susan Lavin, Brigid Wilder and Donna Linkow have family plans for the summer.

Heidi Shorter will celebrate summer by giving birth to a baby in August.

Many of these folks will spend time vacationing at Ocean City, and Jane Shilling will also seek her R & R at the beach.

Some are teaching summer school. Sandy Byerly will teach first-grade reading at summer school, and Kevin Wiedel will teach special needs children at Cedar Lane School.

Some are attending school.

OC Kathy Law is in graduate school before she "beaches it." Elaine

Babbitt is taking her third to final course at Johns Hopkins.

Some teachers are planning projects. Sue Jacobs is moving to a newly built home, with the problems that entails. Carol Jones is one of the physical education teachers opening Elkridge Landing Middle School, and Ginny Stickles is organizing the new Parent-Teacher Association in Elkridge Landing Middle School.

Tim Viets will be very busy directing "A Secret Garden" at Towson Dinner Theater's children's division. Then he'll play golf.

And what about Principal Mary Jane Mitchell, who will start her summer by retiring June 30? She'll be taking a trip to England, then a cruise around Scandinavia.

Congratulations on your retirement, Mrs. Mitchell. I know your school will miss you.


Mount Hebron High School graduated its class of 1995 on May at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Opening remarks were made by graduating senior David Paul Mitchel, and Principal Sylvia Pattillo introduced guests.

Seniors Suzanne Elizabeth Scott and Amanda Joy Fleck spoke to the class, and the keynote address

was given by Edgar Markley, the school's previous principal.

Superintendent Michael Hickey and Board of Education member Karen Campbell made sure that each student received a diploma.

Final remarks were made by student Juliet Kathleen Schmidt and Abena Afrah Osei-Wusu.

The most faithful student in attendance was Monica Whipps, who had not missed a school day in 10 years.

Carrie Torosino had five years of perfect attendance. Mitchell Chung, Doreen Kyere, Jessica Lawrence, Catherine Preisinger, Robert Sherman and Nathan Taylor had not missed a school day in four years.

The school's faculty chose two seniors outstanding in scholarship, leadership and loyalty. Their Outstanding Senior Awards were earned by David Mitchel and Abena Afrah Osei-Wusu.

The Bill Straehle Unsung Hero Award, given to a student who has worked diligently and shows high character, integrity and responsibility standards, was given to Kara Michelle Lloyd.

Finalists in the Maryland Distinguished Scholar Program were Shane Ardo, Mark Aupperlee, Robert Harman and Brian Schaeffer.

Semifinalists in the program were Laura Barrett, Shane Campbell, Mitchell Kyun Chung, Kathryn Paolisso, Melissa Stofko and Scott Tate.

Sung Hoon Kim is a finalist in the talent in the arts category of the Maryland Distinguished Scholar Program. Semifinalists are Kathryn Oh and William Simmons.

In addition, 59 community groups and 54 colleges and


gave honors and scholarships to Mount Hebron's Class of 1995.

Many congratulations to the students and their parents, who have a right to feel proud.


Whether you mumble, grumble chatter or shout, the Elkridge Area Jaycees invite you to a communications seminar at their next membership meeting, 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Calvin Baerveldt, public affairs officer of the International Eye Foundation and one of the Junior Chamber of Commerce's national trainers, will address the group to share communications tips.

He's packing the seminar with information you'll find helpful in your everyday life, including improving your listening skills and communicating with body language.

If you're curious about Jaycees, this meeting would be an excellent introduction. The meeting will be held downstairs at Joe Theismann's Restaurant at 6751 Dorsey Road in Dorsey.

Make a reservation with Beth Niessner at 536-0173 if you plan to come.

Later in the month, the Jaycees will hold their Charter Banquet to celebrate the past year's accomplishments and the changing of the guard. The buffet dinner at Joe Theismann's Restaurant in Elkridge costs $25. Drinks are extra.

Call 799-8099 to save your spot.


"American Girls' Summer Social," a sampler of historical tales and pastimes for children ages 7 and up, is to be presented at Miller Branch Library from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. June 29. Registration is 10 a.m. Thursday and may be made in person or by phone at 313-1955.

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