South Carroll High seniors earn scholarships, awards


South Carroll High School recently presented scholarships and awards to graduating students.

The recipients are:

* Outstanding Students of the Year: Tom Lapato and Nicole Spencer.

* Carroll Community College Commissioners' Scholarship: Bonnie Borland.

* Carroll County General Hospital Nursing Scholarships: Carli Benham and Sarah McGinley.

* Carroll County Reading Council Scholarship: Bonnie Borland.

* Freedom District Lions Club Scholarships: Kim Green and Greg Vlahos.

* Freedom District Lioness Club Scholarship: Kim Jenkins.

* Maryland Municipal League Scholarship: Julie Colodonato.

* Mount Airy Lions Club Scholarships: Greg Pearre and Jennifer Whalen.

* Randallstown Exchange Club Scholarship: Nicole Spencer.

* Robert Moton Scholarship: Nicole Spencer.

* Don Nave Memorial Scholarship: Nicole Spencer.

* Senatorial Scholarship: Jessica Butz and Jaime Moyer.

* Sylvan Scholar Scholarship: Nicole Laster.

* Western Maryland College Scholarships: Crystal Ecker, Erin Farver, Tom Lapato, Kile Maxcy, Jaime Moyer, Kellie Nichols, Martin Oswiecimka and Kendra Pulis.

* Cancer Society Award: National Honor Society officers.

* Carroll County Arts Council Awards: Creative Writing, Kelly Carter; Fine Arts, Rozanne Paull; M. Anne Miller Award, Brian Booz.

* Central Maryland Conference Awards for scholar-athletes: Marc Barnes, Dawn Bennett, Carli Benham, Kelly Carter, Michelle Childs, Amber Clutter, Scott Ensor, Megan Evans, Brian Eybs, Gretchen Goodell, April Hall, Todd Henry, Brad Hudson, Heather Jacobson, Amy Kable, Greg Kessler, Tom Lapato, Kile Maxcy, Sarah McGinley, Jaime Moyer, Tim Olesniewicz, Martin Oswiecimka, Dan Peiffer, Kendra Pulis, Katie Rockwell, Laura Seigel, Tom Shaffer, Nicole Spencer, Andrew Stevens, Matt Taylor, Jeremy Teppig, Jeremy Wingate and Iain Young.

* Excellence in Auto Mechanics, Davis Buick: Jim Davis.

* Family and Consumer Sciences Student Award: Elisha Harrison.

* Governor's Merit Awards: Susanne Bean, Carli Benham, Bonnie Borland, Aimee Buswell, Ann Marie Carter, Kelly Carter, David Clark, Julie Colodonato, Brian Earp, Crystal Ecker, Jeremy Frank, Gretchen Goodell, Tom Lapato, Sarah McGinley, Jaime Moyer, Tim Olesniewicz, Ilisa Pyatt, Katie Rockwell and Jeremy Teppig.

* Greater Mount Airy Business Association Award: Karyn Miller.

* David Heidecker Award: Jeremy Esworthy.

* Key Club Award: Susanne Bean.

* Maryland's Tomorrow Most Improved Student Award: Trish Bywaters.

* Math Department, Walter Stegman Award: Susanne Bean.

* National School Choral Award: Ryan Bulson and Susan Dixon.

* Social Studies Outstanding Student: Rachel Marks.

* Outstanding English Student: Carli Benham and Tom Lapato.

* Outstanding Achievement in German: Jena Anderson and Holly Hinkel.

* Outstanding Achievement in Spanish: Crystal Ecker and Sarah McGinley.

* Outstanding Science Achievement Award: Brad Hudson, Tom Jackson, Sarah McGinley, Jason Mertz and Ilisa Pyatt.

* Richard Purman Memorial Award: Greg Vlahos.

* Chris Russin Memorial Award: Justin Quittner.

* Renaissance Club Awards: Darlene Amsden, Brooke Beveridge, Christy Blair, Jason Fultz, Stephanie Goodrich, Kim Green, Jeremy Hancock, Cheryl Hauswald, Jen Heinen, Kati Kaleva, Kerry Moran, Becky Ricklis and Jen Watson.

* Sons of the American Revolution Award: Tom Lapato.

* Stagelighter Achievement Award: Christy Blair, Alvin Cole, Jeremy Frank and Gretchen Goodell.

* Varsity Club: Michelle Childs, Amber Clutter, Scott Ensor, Amy Kable, Tom Lapato, Brad Mattson, Sarah McGinley, Jaime Moyer, Dan Peiffer, Kendra Pulis, Nick Reider, Rob Ridgley, Nicole Spencer and Jeremy Wingate.

* Westminster Police Department Drug Awareness Award: Melissa Shartle.

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