Reading is a good summertime activity


School is out, but reading is in! Use the relaxing weeks of summer to build your children's reading skills through ordinary TTC and not-so-ordinary ways. Check out these fun-filled activities and choose several that fit your children's reading level for rewarding experiences all summer long.

* Visit your local library, get library cards and make regular visits part of your summer routine. Let your children choose books to check out. At home, designate an easy-to-reach shelf or basket for the borrowed materials.

* Arrange 10 summer family photos in a row on a table and use them to create a story.

* Declare your home a television-free zone for one night and read a story you've never read before. Even older kids enjoy a story read to them now and then.

* Read the first half of a favorite storybook aloud with your children, then invent a new ending.

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