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For adult day care owner Beth Scovill, versatile dressing is a shorts subject


As a nurse, business owner and dog lover, Beth Scovill values clothes that are versatile.

The closet of her Stevenson home is filled with suits she can walk her Rottweilers in, tank tops that are appropriate for work and jackets with plenty of pockets.

The 38-year-old owner of Senior Connections, an adult day care company in Owings Mills, says a loose, flowing style fits her life these days.

"I want to look casual but nice," she says. "Things that come and go with the trends aren't for me."

How does your work affect your wardrobe?

During the day, I may be interviewing people, meeting with physicians or doing CPR. Some days I've even had to crawl under the company van. I've become more conscious of that when I buy clothing. I've learned to buy clothes that allow for easy movement -- loose-fitting pantsuits, silk tank tops with jackets.

In the summer, I also wear a lot of skorts. They're like the old culottes. Winter time, corduroy walking shorts work well. I also like to have clothes with pockets. As a nurse, I always need a pen, a pair of rubber gloves, a Post-it note.

Has having your own company changed your style?

As an operating room nurse, I used to go to work in jeans and tennis shoes then change into scrubs. It makes me feel better about myself to get dressed for work. My hair isn't covered in a cap. People actually can see my face, not just my eyes.

What keeps your wardrobe from feeling too practical?

A lot of it comes from accents and fabrics. I love jewelry and raw silk.

What's your newest piece of jewelry?

I just got an emerald ring. It's an emerald cut with lots of baguettes on each side. It's a combination anniversary and birthday present from my husband. I picked it out myself.

Where do you shop?

Nordstrom and Talbot's. In other stores, I've been frustrated by clothes being piled up and racks that you can't walk between.

What's the most casual and formal you get?

I've gotten away from sequin dressing because everyone does it. For formal affairs, I'll wear a silk dress. The most casual would be leggings, a T-shirt and sandals. This time of year I spend a lot of time in the garden, so I always have something old around.

Who most influenced your taste?

I've always loved the Jackie Kennedy era. Everything matched -- the hats, handbags and spring coats. That appeals to me more than anything else. She was on the cover of everything when I was kid.

As a redhead, are you concerned about the colors you wear?

I'm a redhead with brown eyes and fair skin. I can't wear pale colors. I like red, teals and black. But I think I'm realizing that I've had a habit in the past of putting something on because I like the color, even if I don't like the pattern or fabric.

What's the most difficult purchase you have to make?

The ones I struggle over most are jewelry purchases. Once you buy a piece, it's forever. I usually don't get it until they tell me I can return it. Even with clothes I'll take them home and leave them in the closet for a few days.

Do you have a true standby that you wear to feel good?

My new navy and ivory pantsuit. The pants are solid navy; the top is a short cropped jacket with an ivory and navy collar. It's comfortable. It can be dressed up. And it makes me look thinner.

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