On the field: Eddie Murray is closing in quickly on hit No. 3,000. Murray's two-out, broken-bat RBI single in the first inning was the 2,988th hit of his career, and it was his fourth hit of the series.

In the dugout: The Orioles' offense is in such a funk that manager Phil Regan ordered the infield to play in with a runner on third in the second inning. At the time, Cleveland led 1-0. Regan's strategy paid off -- sort of. The infield was in with Tony Pena at the plate and Manny Ramirez on third, and Pena struck out. But the run scored anyway, when a breaking pitch by starter Scott Klingenbeck skipped past catcher Chris Hoiles.

In the clubhouse: Regan doesn't know what to make of reliever Alan Mills, who continues to get hammered. Mills' ERA soared to 8.69 after he gave up four runs in Tuesday's 11-0 loss to the Indians. "He's throwing 94 mph," said Regan, "but he's getting behind hitters and he's just not getting his breaking ball over. It doesn't matter how hard you throw your fastball if [opposing batters] know it's coming. To me, if you continually get behind in the count -- 3-1, 2-1, 2-0 -- you're not going to win."

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