Doug Jones,OriolesHis favorite ballparks:1. El Paso (Double-A),...


Doug Jones,


His favorite ballparks:

1. El Paso (Double-A), old Dudley Field. "It was a lot of fun to play there. It was kind of a small park, a double outfield wall. The announcer was nuts, and he never stopped talking."

2. Vancouver (Triple-A), Nat Bailey Stadium. "A pitcher's ballpark. The ball just didn't travel at all. The fans were right on top of you."

3. Camden Yards. "There are a lot of people there, which makes it a lot of fun to play. Jacobs Field is like that, too, all the new ballparks."

4. Dodger Stadium. "I grew up there. It's still Dodger Stadium, where Koufax and Drysdale pitched. It was a special place to me when I was a kid."

5. Fenway Park. "It's a unique field, and there's so much history there. It's still the same park it's always been -- it hasn't been renovated, except [the sky boxes] right behind home plate."

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