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Bar owners fined $250 for serving police cadet


A man with a concealed handgun entering a Gamber area bar may have so unnerved the barmaid that she served beer to an underage police cadet, the bar co-owner told the county liquor board yesterday.

But the man with the gun turned out to be county liquor inspector Charles Kaizer, who charged Annie I. Yinger and Kay A. Barnes, owners of Clarence and Ann's, with selling a Coors Light draft to cadet Jesse L. Haas, 18.

The liquor board fined the owners $250. The board levied the same fine yesterday on one other liquor sales establishment charged in a May 6 undercover alcohol purchase effort and delayed action on a third.

Ms. Yinger testified that she was in her apartment above the bar when she saw a brown Lincoln pull into the parking lot. She said she called the barmaid immediately when she saw one of two men get a gun out of the back seat and enter the bar.

"I said, 'Darlene, there are two men coming in, a younger and an older, and he's got a tan jacket and he has a pistol in his back pocket.' "

Ms. Yinger said barmaid Darlene Kidd may have been so upset that when she checked Mr. Haas' driver's license, she misread the date of birth as 1973 rather than 1976.

Ms. Kidd did not attend the hearing.

Ms. Yinger said she was worried a fight might break out. She said she did not recognize Mr. Kaizer.

Liquor board members pointed out that Mr. Haas' license contained a profile photo rather than the front-facing photo on licenses issued to those over 21.

The liquor inspector said he routinely carries a medium-sized semi-automatic handgun when he enters an unfamiliar bar. He said he knew from his former career as a state trooper that fights had occurred at Clarence and Ann's.

"I wouldn't take a cadet into a place like that without a gun," he said.

The board fined the owners of The Whistle Stop in Patapsco for selling beer to Mr. Haas.

It delayed action on a similar violation charged against Sizzler Restaurant, Westminster, because the license holders did not attend the hearing.

The board authorized Greenmount Station of Hampstead to sell beer, wine and liquor rather than beer and wine only.

It also approved transferring the license to new owner Christopher T. Richards.

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