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Teens shock boy, 3, with stun gun


Two teen-agers shocked a 3-year-old Old Mill boy with a stun gun Monday night as he rode his tricycle outside his home, county police said.

The youngster was playing with his next-door neighbor about 8 p.m. The boy's mother rushed outside when she heard her son screaming.

The 6-year-old neighbor told the mother that the two teens had shocked her son with a stun gun and then ran down Allen Road. The mother called police, but the teens returned to the area before officers arrived. The boys ran off toward Heritage Hill Drive when a neighbor tried to follow them, police said.

The youngster suffered two small burns on his upper left arm. The mother told police she would take the boy to his pediatrician.

Man who dared police to draw is arrested

A man who insisted he was Wyatt Earp was arrested Monday evening and charged with hindering a burglary investigation and challenging an officer to a gunfight, officials said.

Officers Michele Pugliese and Karl Strohminger were investigating a burglary at a garage in the first block of Georgia Avenue N.E. about 7:40 p.m. A man walked in shouting unintelligibly, told the officers he was Wyatt Earp and tried to get Officer Strohminger to draw, police said.

Officer Strohminger told the man, who had no weapon, to be quiet and leave. Instead, the man sat down and said he wasn't budging, police said. The officer arrested him.

Greg C. Arnold, 46, of the 2100 block of Parksley Ave. in Southeast Baltimore was charged with disorderly conduct, police said.

Burglars steal TV, VCR from home

A Glen Burnie man who ignored noises he heard coming from downstairs in his home Monday morning might have been better off if he had called 911. Burglars stole a television set and videocassette recorder worth a total of $800, county police said.

Charles Smith, 29, heard the noises about 1 a.m. When he awoke shortly before 7 a.m., he discovered that his $700 27-inch color television set and a $100 VCR had been stolen from his living room. Police said the thieves got into the victim's house by kicking in the front door.

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