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School bus driver prohibited from transporting students


A Hanover school bus driver was prohibited from driving loaded buses as part of the sentence she received yesterday in Howard Circuit Court for driving under the influence in North Laurel in May 1993.

Linda Mae Skinner, 38, will not be allowed to drive school buses with passengers during a two-year probation period as part of a plea agreement she accepted in April.

But Judge Dennis Sweeney said he would reconsider that portion of Ms. Skinner's sentence after she completes part of her probation.

Ms. Skinner of the 6300 block of Hanover Road also was ordered to pay a $250 fine, receive counseling and undergo urinalysis during probation.

Judge Sweeney gave Ms. Skinner probation before judgment, meaning she will not have a criminal record if she meets all the terms of her probation.

But Judge Sweeney said he was skeptical that Ms. Skinner would finish her probation, noting that cocaine was found in her system in a urine test she took in April.

"If you mess up, I'll have you back here in a minute," he told her. "We're talking jail time. . . . Sometimes that's what people need."

Ms. Skinner was found guilty in Howard District Court in October of driving under the influence, but she appealed that conviction to Circuit Court. In District Court, Judge Lenore Gelfman gave Ms. Skinner a suspended 60-day prison term. Judge Gelfman also ordered Ms. Skinner to pay a $500 fine.

Ms. Skinner was stopped by a county patrolman for speeding in a 1989 Cadillac along U.S. 1 near Whiskey Bottom Road on May 5, 1993. She was driving 47 mph in a 35-mph zone, officers said.

Ms. Skinner did not take a breath test to determine if she had alcohol in her system. She was arrested after failing several field-sobriety tests.


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