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On the field: Cleveland and the Orioles rank No. 1 and No. 2 in homers, respectively, in the American League. But there were no explosives in the first two innings, and one reason may have been the unusual shadows that crept across the field as the sun set. Starting pitchers Kevin Brown and Charles Nagy pitched the first two innings in sunlight, while the hitters were standing in shadow, making for very difficult hitting conditions.

In the dugout: The batting average of catcher Chris Hoiles fell to .191 after he struck out twice and grounded out, and in the ninth inning, Orioles manager Phil Regan replaced him with pinch hitter Kevin Bass -- the first time this year Regan has yanked Hoiles. Matt Nokes will start tonight's game, Regan said.

In the clubhouse: "I just think Chris is having a hard time finding a groove. . . . He [hits] fairly well for a couple of games, and then he gets back to the same problems [with his swing]." -- Regan, on his struggling catcher

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