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Court rules on disability payBenefits for disabled...


Court rules on disability pay

Benefits for disabled longshore workers can be reduced or canceled if they later find higher-paying work, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday.

The court, voting 8-1 in a California case, said workers' disability benefits can be cut in such instances, even if there is no improvement in their physical condition.

The decision reversed a federal appeals court ruling that had reinstated a disabled longshoreman's benefits. But the justices sent the case back to the appeals court for further study of other issues.

Phone-rate decrease announced

The state Department of General Services announced yesterday that Maryland telephone ratepayers will get to keep 3 additional cents each month as a result of increased efficiency in its message-relay program for people with speech and hearing problems.

The state's Universal Service Fee, which supports the Maryland Relay Service, will drop from 15 cents to 12 cents starting with July bills. The 3-cent drop follows a 6-cent decrease announced in October.

Lockheed gets European orders

Lockheed Martin Corp. said yesterday it received $85.8 million worth of orders for the F-16 Mid-Life Update training device from Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway.

The Bethesda-based aerospace company's Tactical Aircraft Systems unit will supply 12 trainers custom-fitted for the three member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Premium cola is unveiled

Hoping to appeal to the same consumers fueling the booming gourmet beer market, Royal Crown is introducing what it bills as the world's first premium cola.

Royal Crown Draft is being introduced in New York and Los Angeles over the next three months and is expected to be available throughout the United States by the end of 1996, the Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based company said yesterday.

The new cola will be flavored with pure-cane sugar and made with premium kola nuts.

Keller returning to Baltimore

Robert Keller has resigned as president of Detroit Renaissance, a civic organization, to return to Baltimore and join a recruiting firm.

Before becoming the head of the Detroit group in May 1993, Mr. Keller was president of the Greater Baltimore Committee. Mr. Keller, 53, will join Roberts, Ryan & Bentle.

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