Gibson Island regatta draws big fleet


The race committees and hospitality committees at the Gibson Island Yacht Squadron were busy last weekend with the annual Love Point-Swan Point Cup regatta.

Co-sponsored this year with the Sailing Club of the Chesapeake, the regatta is one of Gibson Island's larger events of the year.

The two-day event, now subtitled GIYS/SCC Spring Series, brought about 40 PHRF and Multihull competitors to one course and 11 J/35s to share a separate course with a five-boat Melges24 class both days.

With racing moved to an afternoon start on Saturday for both courses, the PHRF fleet sailed a 7.5-mile course (multihulls had a course change that brought their distance to 7.7 miles), and the one-design J/35s and Melges24s accomplished an 11.1-mile course.

The PHRF/Multihull fleet sailed its own 10.2-mile course on Sunday, and the J/35s and Melges24s fought out three short windward-leeward contests of just four to five miles each (a total of 13 miles overall for the day).

That led to some excitement in the J/35 fleet especially and leaving several protests behind to be decided. Word was that on courses that short the mark roundings were more than just a little exciting in this aggressive and fairly well-matched fleet.

J/35 (11 starters; protests pending): 1. J-Bird, Yeigh/McFadden, (2-2-4-2); 2. (tie) Grayling, Richard Born, 10.75 (1-4-2-4); and Jake, Sandy Morse, 10.75 (4-3-1-3); 4) Wild Thang, Bill Chambers, 11.5 (5-1-5-1).

Melges 24 (5 starters): 1. Waterdog V, Fred Potts, 5.5 (2-2-1-1); 2. Running Against the Wind, Pulvermann, 8.75 (3-1-2-3); 3. Bird of Prey, Neil Murphy, 12 (4-3-3-2).

PHRF A-0 (1 starter): 1. Moxie, George Collins, 1.5 (1-1).

PHRF A-1 (6 starters): 1. Blockade Runner, Teague/Bingman, 2.75 (2-1); 2. Infringer, Donald Zinn, 2.75 (1-2); 3. Le Renard, Steven Phillips, 7 (3-4).

PHRF A-2 (9 starters): 1. Swift, USNA/Huss, 2.75 (2-1); 2. Lively, USNA/Thiel, 3.75 (1-3); 3. Vigilant, USNA/Kostrubala, 7 (3-4); 4. Alize, Christopher Chamberlin, 8 (6-2).

PHRF B (8 starters): 1. Second Chance, John White, 2.75 (2-1); 2. Torch, P & W Scott, 6 (4-2); 3. Airwaves, Dave Wiemer, 7 (3-4); 4. Cayenne, Tony Sanpere, 7.75 (1-7).

PHRF C (5 starters): 1. Cold Duck, Schoolden/Wright, 1.5 (1-1); 2. Rebecca, William Paul, 5 (3-2); 3. Apfel, Bud Elsaesser, 7 (4-3).

PHRF D (1 starter): 1. Aguichant, Robert Stevenson, 2.75 (1-DNF).

PHRF Nonspinnaker (6 starters, provisional results): 1. Class, Bob and Patti Polk, 3.75 (3-1); 2. Snallygaster, Charles Stein, 4 (2-2); 3. Serenity, Jervis, 7.75 (1-DNF).

Multihull (3 starters): 1. Poltergeist, Carr, 1.5 (1-1); 2. Gemini, Jere and Lloyd Glover, 5 (3-2).

Storm Trysail IMS Spring Fling

The Chesapeake Station of the Storm Trysail Club played host to a IMS regatta last weekend, with 11 essentially local boats taking part in two races on Saturday afternoon.

Starting times for the regatta were relatively late by previous years' standards, with an Annapolis harbor start at 12:30 p.m. primarily to take advantage of the potential afternoon sea breezes that came in.

Racing was very close, particularly in the four-boat Division 1, where just a few seconds separated first from second in both races and overall class spreads in the first race were just 1:10 between first and fourth over the eight-mile course.

An especially impressive job was done by Annapolis sailor Len Eastman and his crew aboard Hilite, longtime IMS competitors with an older boat, who successfully dominated the seven-boat Division 2 with wins in both races.

In the first race, the gun went to Mack Latz' new Farr 31 The Knife by nearly six minutes over Eastman's Hilite, but Hilite flew to the top on corrected time by 1:17.

In the second race, however, Eastman and crew took line honors and the corrected time ace.

IMS 1 (4 starters): 1. Ramrod, Bert Jabin, 1.5 (1-1); 2. Gaucho, Peter Gordon, 4 (2-2).

IMS 2 (7 starters): 1. Hilite, Leonard Eastman, 1.5 (1-1); 2. Windemere, Leif Eareckson, 8 (6-2); 3. (tie) The Knife, Mack Latz, 10 (2-DNC); and Alix, L. Wallner, 10 (7-3).

SSA Colonial Cup

One of Severn Sailing Association's biggest Snipe class regattas went off last weekend for 28 crews from nearly all parts of the U.S. east of the Mississippi.

The Colonial Cup regatta went to five races over two days.

Three contests were completed on Saturday in nearly perfect southerly breezes that built from 10 to 15 knots over the day, and two more in less reliable but highly challenging northerly to northwesterly air on Sunday.

Winner overall by an eight-point margin was Snipe class newcomer Jim Weber, sailing with top veteran Snipe skipper/crew Lisa Foulke Pline.

Weber, a three-time Collegiate All-American sailor from Old Dominion, sailed Pline's boat, which she had set up for him.

One sidebar to the regatta that helped make it even more fun was the Friday wedding of competitors Rick Gauthier and Joni Palmer, who honeymooned while sailing the regatta, finishing 13th overall.

1. Jim Weber, 6.5 ([3]-1-2-3-1); 2. Hal Gilreath, 14.5 (1-9-1-4-[10]); 3. Lee Griffith, 19 (8-4-4-[15]-3); 4. Henry Filter, 25 ([PMS]-6-7-5-7); 5. Pedro Lorson, 27 (2-2-[DNF]-6-1-9); 7. Gavin O'Hare, 29 (5-5-15-[25]-4); 8. Hawkeye Dull, 33 (6-8-3- [18]-16); 9. John Manderson, 34, ([PMS]-3-5-24-2); 10. John Danneberger, 36 DNC]-8-6).

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