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The year in baseball . . . and the world


Steve Garvey injures his thumb on July 29, ending his consecutive-games streak at a National League- record 1,207.

* George Brett has a home run taken away for having pine tar on his bat more than 18 inches from the knob on July 24 against the New York Yankees.

* LaMarr Hoyt goes 13-0 the second half to win the American League Cy Young Award.

* Gaylord Perry, Carl Yastrzemski and Johnny Bench all retire.

* The Brooklyn Bridge turns 100.

* Chicago and Philadelphia elect African-American mayors.

* Lotto first appears in Maryland.

* Baltimore opens its subway.

* Congress approves the MX missile.

* "M*A*S*H" finale records the largest rating and share for any TV show.

* Michael Jackson (left) scores six Top 10 singles.

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