Sad words from DiMaggioI was very disappointed...


Sad words from DiMaggio

I was very disappointed to read Joe DiMaggio's comments regarding Cal Ripken's consecutive-games streak. It is very unfortunate that Ripken and his family have to be subjected to such opinions.

I wonder exactly what Ripken needs to do to impress DiMaggio. Does he have to be stricken with a terrible disease or injury?

Surely DiMaggio is a person who is well aware of the stress of establishing such a record. I find it particularly peculiar that he would want to add to the stress.

Jim Carrier


Preakness or nothing

Another Preakness has passed, and I must heave a sigh of relief. While I cannot speak for the other 20,000 Marylanders employed by the thoroughbred industry, I am annually appalled by the hypocritical attitude this state has toward horse racing.

Due to a lack of exposure, the lengthy racing calendar has a perceived duration of one week. No prospective or novice fan roots through The Sun for the microscopic racing section. The time-consuming and inconsistent Sundial information system does not adequately replace the printed word.

Television's lack of support is also disturbing.

Faced with these daily realities, Maryland's yearly delve in to race-mania is nauseating. While the tracks could increase the promotion of their product, the absence of unsolicited local media attention is inexcusable. If this state truly values thoroughbred racing to the extent it purports, I challenge it to demonstrate this enthusiasm with a higher degree of


Samatha Walker

Bel Air

Unhealthy example

My husband and I are enjoying the Birds on television this year, as we have done in the past. Our fan devotion goes back over 50 years.

However, I feel compelled to write about the habit some of today's ballplayers are still exhibiting. In particular, Ben McDonald (and others) must not be aware of the disclosure in recent years concerning chewing tobacco and the health problems it can cause -- throat, mouth and other cancers. Don't they realize the risk they are taking by this disgusting habit? Not only are they harming their own health, but they are setting a terrible example to the young children who watch them and mimic their behavior.

Jean Wood



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