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25 Years Ago* "This is the season...


25 Years Ago

* "This is the season of graduation from thousands of high schools and colleges throughout the country and a rather apprehensive public watches as the hundreds of thousands of young men and women descend upon the social fabric, already torn by unrest, uncertainty and confusion. Certainly, the best wishes of all citizens go out to these young people as they seek to find their places in a world quite different from that in which their parents made their way. These youths have learned to accept the country's present standard of living as quite the normal thing and they are naturally resentful at having to make their way hampered by a lack of employment and a shortage of the funds with which to continue the life their parents have up until now provided for them. But there is some real doubt that these present conditions of high wages and luxurious living can be maintained indefinitely. Youths must be prepared to accept curtailment of some customary enjoyments, such as their forebears have had to accept in past times of economic recession. Young graduates are going to have to tighten their belts and find places where their aptitudes and abilities are in demand, regardless of their preconceived notions of what kind of a living the world owes them." -- Editorial, Community Reporter, June 5, 1970.

75 Years Ago

* Marylanders will have about 700 new laws to obey or violate beginning Tuesday. The people will have to step right up and walk the straight and narrow -- or wider -- path set for them by the legislature of 1920. The old roller towel will pass out of use. The blushing 16-year-old bride will have to sit and patiently wait until she is 18 years old. Marriage licenses will cost $2 and the girl or the awkward groom-to-be will have to face the license clerk in person. The old-style applicant who often willfully or thoughtlessly lied about ages will no longer be called on to sin in that way. Poultry soaked in water cannot be sold hereafter. Children in theatrical companies with permits from other states will be allowed to perform here by showing permits and paying fees. "Oh say, can you see by the dawn's early light," and the rest of "The Star-Spangled Banner" must be sung in public schools. Giving short weight now becomes a misdemeanor and all boxes and crates must have a definitely indicated capacity. Boxes "about a quart" or "almost a bushel" are forbidden. -- Union Bridge Pilot, June 4, 1920.

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