NAACP chapter sets vote to settle election dispute


Members of the Anne Arundel County NAACP will settle a contested election for chapter leaders when voters go to the polls again June 28.

Election officials of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People informed director Jean Creek and defeated challenger Gerald Stansbury on Friday of the new election, which will take place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Bates Middle School in Annapolis.

The new date comes nearly one month after the national NAACP postponed a vote for chapter leadership, saying too few of the approximately 1,000 members were notified of the new polling date.

"I'm relieved we've got a new date," Mr. Stansbury said. "I believe we can pull it out."

Ms. Creek, who has led the chapter for 18 years, also welcomed a new election, saying it will allow members who didn't get to vote thefirst time a chance to participate.

Her supporters said the election conflict would not permanently divide the ranks of the local civil rights organization.

"Just like any kind of struggle, it will create bonds and determination," said James M. Kilby, who is running on Ms. Creek's ticket. "Now that we have a date for the new election, we're eager to move forward."

Mr. Stansbury alleged fraud after losing the election in November, saying Ms. Creek's supporters withheld membership lists until the last minute.

Ms. Creek has denied the charge, and has said that Mr. Stansbury could have gotten complete membership lists at any time during the campaign. The incumbent found herself in the tightest election of her tenure, when she won another two-year term by 11 votes.

Voters will cast their ballots on electronic machines instead of written forms. Both candidates have said they are trying to recruit new members in time for the election.

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