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The Volunteer: Christophoros Meitanis, a native of...


The Volunteer: Christophoros Meitanis, a native of Greece, arrived in Annapolis in March 1978 and the next month began work as a volunteer at Phoenix Annapolis School, a special education center for county schools. He works closely with Gay Kahle, the school's math teacher.

Principal William Haroth, writes, "Mr. Meitanis is an outstanding volunteer . . . working with students to help them reach their academic and social and emotional goals and improve their behavior. He works individually with students in high school mathematics classes and does an excellent job explaining and assisting. . . . In addition to helping with classroom management, Mr. Meitanis is diligent about assisting with the maintenance of a neat, attractive room."

He is "well-liked by students and staff . . . a year-round volunteer, even taking time during the summer months to work in our summer program."

Volunteer's comment: "When I'm at my job, it's very important for me to teach the boys to be polite and like school and to stay away from alcohol and drugs. I tell them drugs can destroy their life.

"Students must follow the rules of the school. This is very important for every school. And it's not only important for them to read and write, but to be polite and listen to the teachers.

"I'm very pleased for many, many of our boys. . . . For 17 years

they listened to me, and they are nice men now. I see some of them sometimes, and they say, 'Mr. Meitanis, you saved my life,' and that's very important.

About volunteering: Mr. Meitanis is one of more than 15,000 volunteers for the public school system, according to Georgiana Maszczenski, teacher specialist for Volunteers in School and Family Partnerships.

Anyone interested in volunteering in the schools should call the nearest school or the Board of Education at 222-5457.

"Volunteer Spotlight" is compiled by Kevin Harrison. To recommend someone, call the Anne Arundel Bureau, 315-8911, any time or fax information to 315-8916 or mail it to: The Sun for Anne Arundel, 8131 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena 21122.

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